sdcv – 命令行版本的 StarDict

因为没找到 StarDict 的快捷打开/隐藏键,每次都要用鼠标点,觉得很不爽,于是找了一下,发现有个命令行版本,使用 StarDict 的词库。

sudo apt-get install sdcv

$ sdcv -h
sdcv - console version of StarDict.
Usage: sdcv [OPTIONS] words
-h, --help               display this help and exit
-v, --version            display version information and exit
-l, --list-dicts         display list of available dictionaries and exit
-u, --use-dict bookname  for search use only dictionary with this bookname
-n, --non-interactive    for use in scripts
--utf8-output            output must be in utf8
--utf8-input             input of sdcv in utf8
--data-dir path/to/dir   use this directory as path to stardict data directory